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Comprehensive and detailed home inspections that provide you the peace of mind to confidently complete one of life’s major purchases – buying a home. Green Mountain Inspection Services helps you protect the foundation for your family’s future.

Wind Mitigation Inspections

The majority of insurance companies are requesting Wind Mitigation inspections before they insure a home. The great thing about this is that a Wind Mitigation Inspection can help you reduce the cost of your insurance here in Florida. The wind mitigation inspection covers important parts of your home to make sure they are in good shape and able to handle the high winds that are experienced in Florida. After having a wind mitigation inspection performed on your house, you will receive a professional report that you will need to submit to your insurance company. The reduction usually more than pays for the inspection.

4-Point Inspections

Why do you need a 4-point inspection? Insurance companies in Florida are more reluctant to issue home owners insurance here in the state. A 4-Point Inspection like the Wind Mitigation Inspection, will also help you reduce the cost of home owners insurance for your home. A 4-point inspection focuses in on four primary areas of a home: HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Roof. These four areas are of primary concern to the insurance companies and allows them to reduce the amount of risk that they are taking. Lower risk equals lower home owners insurance premiums which means more money in your pocket. To help you in reducing the cost of the home insurance on your newly purchased house or even your existing house, we are happy to offer this service to our clients.

Home Binder

As part of every inspection, we gift homeowners with a lifetime subscription to HomeBinder ($360 value). HomeBinder is an online platform and app for seamlessly managing the most valuable asset—your home. It helps homeowners:

Gain peace of mind

Reduce the stress of remembering every home issue and time frame with helpful maintenance reminders.

Prevent costly repairs

Easily keep up with regular home maintenance, to avoid unexpected issues; spend a little time and money today to save $1000s later.

Be more efficient

With everything about your home stored in one secure place, you’ll never lose that warranty or instruction manual again.

Have immediate access to all your home info

Via ipad, desktop or mobile. Rest easy knowing your info is safely stored and available when you need it.
Whenever possible, pre-existing information, such as maintenance schedules and recommended local pros, will be uploaded to the binder from the inspection report. Rest assured, all of the homeowner’s personal information is safe, private, and only accessible to them. Homeowner information will not be shared with any vendors unless specifically requested.

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